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Apologies for the downtime, I was experimenting with this server, :P, took the site down but forgot to bring it back online. I have been busy with work but should be posting new articles soon.

Install Latest Perl 5.18 – CentOS 6.4

Change your directory to /usr/local/src   Head over to and download the latest stable release of Perl   Copy the download link and issue the following at shell to start pulling the archive wget You’ll need wget so…

Moving files a level up

Move to the folder you want the files to eventually reside in, the example works on the premise that the target directory is above the source directory. |_examplefolder |_myfolder Issue the following at shell mv myfolder/* . This command would…

How to unrar file – CentOS 6.5

Install the rpmforge repo wget rpm -i rpmforge-release-0.5.2-2.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm yum install unrar -y Once you have the package installed, type in the following command to extract the rar unrar x <filename>.rar   The x tell’s unrar to maintain the original folder…

Update Plesk to 11.5

  The data center we use hasn’t updated it’s OS images to include the latest version of Plesk, 11.5. This is how we went about upgrading the panel. First off, make sure you backup everything. We work off of the…

Install Imagemagick – CentOS 6.5

This is how I installed Imagemagick on a vanilla CentOS server Start off by installing the prerequisites yum install php-pear gcc php-devel php-pear Issue the following to verify whether you have Imagemagick available via the current repositories yum list ImageMagick*…