This is how I installed Imagemagick on a vanilla CentOS server

Start off by installing the prerequisites

Issue the following to verify whether you have Imagemagick available via the current repositories

You should see something similar to the result below:

imagemagick list available install

Issue the following to install ImageMagick

Now install the imagick library for PHP

Load the imagick extension into PHP

Restart Apache

To verify that imagick has been successfully installed, do any of the following

Or check your PHPINFO

phpinfo imagick

    I had tried to install image-magick on a centos server last month and it just totally crashed and died…. and there were no answers to be found.

    So on my new centos 6.6 server today, I followed your procedure to the letter and it WORKED!

    Actually I needed it for perl, not php… I simply added in the -perl thing, and it was perfect.

    Thank You!