check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci’

We’ve been running MySQL on our servers for years, this was a first for us. We ran into this issue recently where migrating a database from one server to another generated the following error on the target box: At some point, a table was created with the incorrect collation. To…

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vnc logo

VNC Server: RDB protocol error

We recently setup a new installation of Pop OS (Version 21.10), and were in the middle of setting up remote desktop sharing with VNC when we ran into a snag. We were prompted by this error: VNC is great and we’ve been using it for years to remote into our…

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NGINX Version Mismatch

We were in the process of upgrading an old server from NGINX version 1.16 to the latest and got a slew of errors: This issue occured because when Nginx was updated, it did not update it’s modules along side it. You will need to manually update these modules to get…

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Fix “wkhtmltopdf: cannot connect to X server”

We got this error on a fresh installation of CentOS when trying to convert webpages to pdf’s using wkhtmltopdf: We’re getting this error because we do not have any sort of GUI environment installed (e.g. GNOME, KDE). To fix this we could go one of two ways, the first would…

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CentOS / RHEL: Exclude kernel from yum update

We recently needed to exclude the kernel from being updated on a VPS server. While this may not sound or seem ideal but there are certain scenarios where you don’t want to update the kernel every time you update packages on your server. You’re standard yum update return something like…

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force refresh disk usage in cpanel - cpanel-logo

Force recalculate / refresh cPanel disk space usage

Today we’ll look at how to force recalculate / refresh your cPanel’s accounts disk space usage. This can be quite annoying, at times the usage does not update even though you’ve freed up space and it should. There is a fairly straight forward way to force cPanel to recalculate how…

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