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Ensure Browser Framing Is Restricted

It has long been a popular attack strategy to target web clients by embedding malicious code with legitimate web content in iframes and standard web frames. This can occur when the attacker attracts the victim to a malicious website by…

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check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

We’ve been running MySQL on our servers for years, this was a first for us. We ran into this issue recently where migrating a database from one server to another generated the following error on the target box: At some…

VNC Server: RDB protocol error

vnc logo

We recently setup a new installation of Pop OS (Version 21.10), and were in the middle of setting up remote desktop sharing with VNC when we ran into a snag. We were prompted by this error: VNC is great and…

NGINX Version Mismatch

We were in the process of upgrading an old server from NGINX version 1.16 to the latest and got a slew of errors: This issue occured because when Nginx was updated, it did not update it’s modules along side it.…