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Fix Timezone in Horde – Plesk

Horde for some reason doesn’t pick up the system timezone and defaults to UTC, to fix this you’ll need to edit Horde’s own php.ini at Add the following line (affixed with the your desired timezone) date.timezone = Asia/Singapore Now restart apache…

Remove drweb from Plesk

Drweb can get really annoying because of it’s resource usage even on a brand new Plesk server. Run the following to remove drweb from your system: rpm -qa | grep drweb | xargs rpm -e credit: Update your mail…

Update Plesk to 11.5

  The data center we use hasn’t updated it’s OS images to include the latest version of Plesk, 11.5. This is how we went about upgrading the panel. First off, make sure you backup everything. We work off of the…