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Install Imagemagick – CentOS 6.5

This is how I installed Imagemagick on a vanilla CentOS server Start off by installing the prerequisites yum install php-pear gcc php-devel php-pear Issue the following to verify whether you have Imagemagick available via the current repositories yum list ImageMagick*…

Upgrade PHP to 5.4 – CentOS 6.5

I recently had to upgrade PHP on an old server, here is how I did it. Please note: This will remove all your PHP components and any custom settings you may have done, you’ll have to repeat all that you…

Install PDF2SWF (SWFTools) on Centos 6.5

Start of by making sure you have the rpmforge repo installed Install DAG’s GPG key rpm –import 32-bit wget 64-bit wget Install the repo rpm -i rpmforge-release-0.5.3-1.el6.rf.*.rpm Install swftools yum install swftools -y