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Find which version of Ubuntu you’re running

Ubuntu 16.04

Today we’ll learn how to find which version of Ubuntu you’re running. To do this, launch a terminal window and issue the following at the terminal: lsb_release -a The terminal window will throw back the version of Ubuntu currently installed,…

killall: command not found

We’ll be looking at how to install the Linux command killall in this article. Killall send’s a signal to, if not explicitly specified, terminate all the processes with the given name. CentOS used to ship with killall out of the…

How to install GeoIP module on Ubuntu for NGINX

Ubuntu 16.04

Today we’ll be looking at how to install the GeoIP module on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS and 19.04 for NGINX. You may come across an error like the following while trying to compile/install Nginx from source: ./configure: error: the…

Create new database in MongoDB

MongoDB Logo

Today we’ll look at how to create a new database in MongoDB. Connect to mongod via the following line, replace your credentials mongo -u ‘username’ -p ‘password’ –authenticationDatabase ‘admin’ If you’re successfully authenticated then you’ll see the following prompt: To…