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Install cPanel / WHM on CentOS 7.7

cpanel whm logo

Today we’ll install cPanel or WHM on CentOS 7.7 cPanel is the most popular control panel in the shared hosting space. It is so widely used that it is the defacto control panel in the industry, Plesk comes in close…

How to backup your Mysql Databases

check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

Today we’ll look at how to backup your MySQL databases. It’s a good idea to backup your databases on a regular basis so ]you have a working ‘good’ copy in the event of data loss due to failure or if…

404 on Preview – WordPress & Varnish

Varnish and Wordpress

I’ve recently moved a number of properties to a server running Apache 2.4, PHP FPM 5.4, MariaDB 10. & Varnish 4.0. The gain in performance is phenomenal. Varnish does wonders to speed up your property. One issue reported was that…

Check MySQL / MariaDB table for Primary Key

check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

It is pretty straightforward to check a MySQL / MariaDB table for a Primary Key, connect to the db server, login or open up your favorite MySQL client. Without selecting any table, issue the following command: SHOW INDEXES FROM <TABLE>…

Install MariaDB 10.1 – CentOS 7.2

About MariaDB MariaDB one of the most popular and an enhanced drop-in replacements for MySQL. It was created and is maintained by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB is very interesting because if is fast, scalable and more robust than MySQL.…

Install Percona 5.6 – Ubuntu 16.04

Percona is a free, fully compatible and high performance drop-in replacement for MySQL server. Percona supports high performance hardware and provides improved reliability and performance. To install first we need to add the repo: wget (lsb_release -sc)_all.deb Next, install the…