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How to backup your Mysql Databases

check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

Today we’ll look at how to backup your MySQL databases. It’s a good idea to backup your databases on a regular basis so ]you have a working ‘good’ copy in the event of data loss due to failure or if…

404 on Preview – WordPress & Varnish

Varnish and Wordpress

I’ve recently moved a number of properties to a server running Apache 2.4, PHP FPM 5.4, MariaDB 10. & Varnish 4.0. The gain in performance is phenomenal. Varnish does wonders to speed up your property. One issue reported was that…

Check MySQL / MariaDB table for Primary Key

check mysql / mariadb table for primary key

It is pretty straightforward to check a MySQL / MariaDB table for a Primary Key, connect to the db server, login or open up your favorite MySQL client. Without selecting any table, issue the following command: SHOW INDEXES FROM <TABLE>…

Install MariaDB 10.1 – CentOS 7.2

About MariaDB MariaDB one of the most popular and an enhanced drop-in replacements for MySQL. It was created and is maintained by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB is very interesting because if is fast, scalable and more robust than MySQL.…