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Enable timestamps for bash history

The HISTORY command in bash lets you see the last 1000 commands issued at the terminal. By default, this list does not contain timestamps for the commands you’ve issued. To enable timestamps, issue the following at the terminal: echo ‘HISTTIMEFORMAT=”%d/%m/%y…

Create new database in MongoDB

MongoDB Logo

Today we’ll look at how to create a new database in MongoDB. Connect to mongod via the following line, replace your credentials mongo -u ‘username’ -p ‘password’ –authenticationDatabase ‘admin’ If you’re successfully authenticated then you’ll see the following prompt: To…

530 Login incorrect – ProFTPD

Proftpd Server

We updated an old server recently and the ProFTP server  started throwing this error “530 Login incorrect” and wouldn’t let us in. We looked at the usual culprits, reset passwords, verified directories but nothing seemed to work. We ran ProFTPD…

Mount an NTFS drive on CentOS 7

ntfs-3g logo

This tutorial will cover how to mount an NTFS drive on CentOS 7. We’ll use the open-source version of the NTFS for Linux driver by Tuxera, NTFS-3G. The Prerequisites To mount an NTFS drive, start off by adding the remi-release…