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How to fix the GitLab pre-receive hook declined error

This article will discuss ways of fixing the GitLab error: GitLab pre-receive hook declined.

While working on a new Gitlab repository, one of our developers received the GitLab push error:

! [remote rejected]   main -> main (pre-receive hook declined)

This issue can be because of one of two reasons.

What is the GitLab pre-receive hook declined error?

The whole repository or a file inside the repository exceeds the size limit. You can verify this by reading the error message in detail, it should mention this clearly:

GitLab: You are attempting to check in one or more blobs which exceed the 100.0MiB limit:

The second reason is that the branch is protected and/or the dev does not have sufficient permissions.

How to fix the GitLab pre-receive hook declined error

Navigate to Gitlab > Repo > Settings > Repository and scroll down to Protected Branches

You a few options here.

  1. Remove the protected branch altogether. Note: this is dangerous
  2. Elevate the dev’s privileges to the required group.
  3. Change who the group under Allowed to merge and Allowed to push and merge.

That’s it!

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