We recently needed the latest build of ImageMagick on one of our servers for PSD preview generation on OwnCloud. ImageMagick version 6, which ships with the base repo of CentOS 7 is broken and doesn’t generate PSD previews. Downloading rpm’s from ImageMagick’s website doesn’t help either, they require dependencies which seem illusive to find. There are two options left, install from source or install from Remi’s repo. We’re going to cover installing from source in this guide:

It’s always a good idea to install the group Development Tools before you install / compile anything from source:

Grab the source from their website:

Extract the archive:

Enter the extracted directory

Issue configure at the shell

Issue make  at the shell

Issue install  at the shell

Configure the dynamic linker by issuing the following at shell

That’s it, you’re done. To verify the installation you can issue the following

Should return something like the following,