How to convert CER to PFX | SSL Certificates

We recently had to deploy a wildcard SSL certificate to an Microsoft Azure web app.

The company we buy our certs from, issues them in .crt format by default, we have to convert them to .pfx ourselves. This isn’t a big deal and we’re going to see how to do this today.

Make sure you have the following two or three files depending on your issuer.

  • A certificate file (necessary)
  • A private key file (necessary)

Now that you have the two or three files, login to a shell terminal on your system. You need to make sure you have Openssl installed. This usually comes pre-installed on many systems but it’s still a good idea to check to see if it’s installed:

Copy the files into one location and issue the following command to start the conversion:

You will be prompted create a password for the pfx certificate file, keep this secure as you’ll need it when you want to install the file.

That’s it, you’re done!