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Fix: “driver being installed is not validated for this computer”

One of our machines threw this error when we tried to install the latest Intel display driver from their website. This happens when your computer manufacturer changes a setting in the bundled driver indicating that drivers only obtained from the laptop manufacturer should be installed.

driver not validated for this computer

To work around this you’ll have to manually install the driver.

To start you’ll need to download the zipped version of the driver instead of the .exe from Intel’s site.

Once you have the zipped version, extract/unzip it to a directory.

unzipped intel driver folder


Make sure you have file extensions enabled under view, if not do this

enable file extensions windows explorer


Launch the Device Manager and expand the Display Adapter section, right-click your display adapter and then Properties.

device manager - display adapter - properties


Click on the Driver tab in the window that pops up, then click Update Driver.

Click on Browse my computer for driver software in the window that pops up.


Click on Have Disk from the window that pops up next

update intel display driver - Have Disk

Click on browse in the next window

update intel display driver - Have Disk - browse

Navigate to the folder you unzipped the driver to, go into the Graphics folder and select the igdlh64.inf file

update intel display driver - Have Disk - browse - locate inf file


Hit OK, and you’ll be back to the main driver list window showing you your graphics card model, hit Next


update intel display driver - driver located

The driver should start to install now:

driver being installed

You should finally see this:

driver successfully installed


That’s it, you’re done.

You will only need to do this the one time, you can install drivers from Intel’s website normally now.