Amazon Web Services

Install AWS CLI – CentOS 7.6

The AWS CLI gives you a way to interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS) via command line. This comes in real handy when you need to automate tasks such as scaling EC2 server instances, uploading files to S3 buckets, moving files to Amazon S3 Glacier, etc. We’ll be focusing on…

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PHP Composer – Command Not Found

Composer lets you manage PHP package dependencies on a per-project basis. You install Composer like so: sudo curl -sS | php Moved it to the suggested location: mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer Still got “composer: command not found” when verifying the install? Simply create a link to the /usr/bin location and voila!…

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Install GUI with VNC – CentOS 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7

Running a headless (terminal only) server is great and all but sometimes a GUI helps. We’ll be installing GNOME 3.28 on CentOS 7.4. This comes really handy when you want to remotely administer a server and keep the bloat to an absolute minimum. Start off by issuing the following at shell:…

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Logging RSYNC output to file

Logging RSYNC output to file can be cumbersome but useful at times. Cumbersome because if you’re transferring a large number of files then the log file becomes intelligible but useful in cases where you need to track successful vs. unsuccessful transfers. You can use the logged output of RSYNC to track…

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Kali Linux Logo

Failed to Detect and Mount CD-ROM – Kali Linux 2018.3a

Kali Linux threw this error message during the installation procedure. Troubleshooting this was frustrating as none of the fixes, which were about mounting the USB drive to /cdrom, worked for us. We then decided to play with the options in the utility we used to create the bootable USB, Rufus.…

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install netdata on centos

Install netdata – CentOS 7

With the EOL of the free tier of NewRelic’s Server monitoring service, we tried going commando for a while, meaning no server monitoring. We know bad – bad, idea. NewRelics Server monitoring service was great but the free tier came with only 24 hours of data retention. We wanted something…

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zfs on linux

Mount ZFS Pools on Boot

We recently ran into a snag with a new ZFS installation, the darn thing wouldn't mount the pools we created on boot. The solution turned out to be pretty straight forward, Issue the following at shell and reboot to test:
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centos logo

Fix AMD Ryzen Freeze/Hang/Crash issues – CentOS 7

On of our server providers was running a deal on servers equipped with the newly released AMD Ryzen CPUs. We got a couple to test them for future placements. Right off the bat we started experiencing issues with them, the shell sessions would randomly hang At first we thought this…

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